Story Time!

Gather round followers for the story of how I dealt with atheophobia on Xbox Live!

I regularly used a scarlet A or the circle capital A symbol in online games to show people that we atheists exist alongside them and aren’t a clandestine group that exists only in demonizing and stereotype-enforcing stories shared by their grandparents. It was a humanization thing. At one point on Xbox’s online service I was getting one of those “Ur Gettin Hell!” People every day. Sometimes it was semi polite from people who thought they had good intentions, other times more colorful language was used. Eventually I started just responding with irrelevant nonsense to mess with them like

Nah, man. Not a fan of potato salad.

Actually Gamestop doesn’t close until ten, douche canoe

Clearly energy drinks are beneficial for your heart, kidneys and liver.

Most of the time they’d shut up, but when they didn’t I’d just keep repeating myself, changing the pitch and volume of my voice as if trying to drive my point home. If nothing else it kept me mildly entertained until the match ended and I could leave.

Story time!

Gather ‘round followers for the story of the first time I played Postmortem: one must die.

Now, Postmortem is a rather serious game. The focus is on the fictional country of Galacia set during the industrial revolution. You can learn about the politics of the time through propaganda, newspapers and dialogue. You can also persuade people to use less violent means in their political tactics, become more vocal about what is considered a radical viewpoint, and even realign with the other political party. You play as death, commanded to take a life at the evenings event. Whoever you choose will have ramifications of some kind. Obviously with such serious themes, the music would reflect this.

I open the game and a familiar tune hits my ears, blasted through brass and exploding from string instruments.

Duh na
Nuh nuh
Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh

Vaguely remembering the tune, I keep listening.

Nuh nuh
Nuh nuh
Nuh nuh nuh

No, it fucking isn’t.

Duh na
Nuh nuh
Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh

This is seriously what it is

Goes the weasel

Fucking pop goes the weasel as the title music in a serious political game.

Still would recommend.






Fear the people who feel comfortable swearing in front of their parents

…you mean to say you don’t?

My parents swear in front of me and to me, why shouldn’t I get to swear to them?

Are you kidding me? I refer to my mother solely as hey bitch and she refers to me as hey slut. I feel bad for your relationship.

I like to respect my parents

Implying that you cant say fuck in front of people you respect.

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fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try.

This is classism in action folks.

It has nothing to do with race or gender, even if those on CNN or Fox News usually are white, it has to do with the fact that they came from more well-to-do families or have become well-to-do (IE upper middle class to upper class, sometimes from the top 2%.) 

These are the people who claim those on food stamps are stealing or leeching off the system, buying all kinds of things that otherwise are actually illegal to buy with food stamps, including essential toiletries, but typically things like cigarettes and beer. 

This site was made to dispel some these kind of myths

And it’s also suggested by some medical professionals that the lower middle and lower/poorer classes have more problems with obesity because they can only afford the most fattiest and unhealthy foods available. So, back to the gifs, for living on food stamps to be equated to a diet is the worst proof of classism, but there you all go. 

- Purple

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Highlights from Nuzlocke’s Pokemon: Hard Mode Fire Red series



Xbox One users with bad reputations to receive warnings, may lose certain privileges

I see no way this could possibly be abused! I mean, it’s not like everyone who you do better that was already putting you on their avoid list after a match right?


Xbox One users with bad reputations to receive warnings, may lose certain privileges

I see no way this could possibly be abused! I mean, it’s not like everyone who you do better that was already putting you on their avoid list after a match right?

Story Time!

Gather ‘round followers, for the story of the time I accidentally told an Xbox Live service rep that I loved them.

Now, while I am a massive gamer, that is irrelevant to the story. A few years ago, I was on the phone with an Xbox Live service rep, trying to get something with my account sorted out. During this time, my family was often called by people trying to get us to take out payday loans. I had developed a habit of messing with them when they called, as despite me telling them multiple times that I wasn’t interested, and one time specifically to stop calling me, they never did. Anyway, as I neared the end of the call with the Xbox Live service rep, an unknown number called in. I ended the call with the Xbox Live service rep and thought I switched to the unknown number. I put the phone close to my mouth and whispered “I love you” and heard a familiar voice say “W-what?!” I hang up, and at this point the unknown number was already gone, and my mom and sister who were in the room just lost it.